Updated: 29 May 2004

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No, not of the romantic kind. If you have "surplus" wines to sell from your cellar, HappyVines.com will be pleased to broadcast to our extensive database (almost 1,000 members) of winelovers. The Buyers Premium is 5% of the strike price, subject to a minimum $15.00. There will be a delivery charge of $10.00 per location. Please read the TERMS.


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I have read & agreed to the TERMS of this auction. The wines I wish to offer for sale are:-

(Please list in order - Name of Wine/Vintage; Producer; Region/Country; Reserve Price; Bottle Quantity; full cases YES/NO; Condition/History)





  1. All first-time sellers will be subject to inspection & acceptance by HappyVines.com. Upon acceptance, a seller will be issued with an account number, for future use. There is no processing fee, at this time.

  2. An account may be canceled, at any time, at the absolute discretion of HappyVines.com.

  3. HappyVines.com may require that wine lots be delivered for our inspection & safekeeping before listing.

  4. There is a processing fee of $10.00 per lot offered for auction, payable upon acceptance for listing.

  5. Each successful sale will be subject to a commission of 5% of the strike price or a minimum of $15.00.

  6. Payment will be delivered, upon clearance of the buyer's funds in our Bank account.

  7. Please quote an INITIAL Price that is negotiable or not.

  8. The INITIAL Price will be quoted in the listing.

  9. There is no obligation to accept a bid, at any price. Acceptance of a bid is entirely at your discretion.

  10. Settlement of all transactions will be in Singapore & in Singapore Dollars only.

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