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Happy Vines Pte Ltd
Business Registration: 199403210H established on 05th May 1994
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HappyVines.com publishes a wine-related website dedicated to wine-consumers in ASEAN & the region. Our website on wine is, perhaps, the first & the most updated in the region and went live in early 1997. For a regional site, we receive 30,000 hits/month, on average.

HappyVines.com offer reviews of wines & wine events, local & selected news reports, wine event announcements, an active Wine Mart section. Wine & accessories distribution, via a simple online ordering system, is also offered. Deliveries are available to Singapore, Malaysia & selectively to Thailand. HappyVines.com also acts as a portal to other partner websites offering more wine, food and other lifestyle products.

The person behind HappyVines.com is Remie Law, who recognised the potential of quality wine in Asia since the early 1990s. He established one of the first wine specialist companies in Singapore with a select portfolio from New Zealand, Australian, Spanish and Italian producers. Leading the growing pack of wine specialist distributors with regular wine tastings and wine dinner events, HappyVines helped establish a firm wine consuming Singapore with tastes for both New World and Old World wines. Remie Law enjoys wines, usually in an informal setting, eschewing the more “high brow” approach, very evident in the early 1990s.

He is willing to taste & give due credit to wines at all price brackets and styles, so long they are well made and with passion for the vine. He was at the forefront, assessing the booming range of wines in a market that saw annual growth rates of about 30% through the late 1990s and into the new millennium.

Two Singapore International Wine Challenges were held in 1998 & 2000, in collaboration with Mr. Robert Joseph of WINE magazine. Remie Law was present as a junior judge at both events.

Early on, Remie Law recognised the challenge to wines posed by Asian spices in Asian cuisine. As a fellow Asian, he was well-qualified to experiment & draw up the “rules of engagement” between wine & wine styles being drunk in harmony with Asian cuisine from an Asian perspective.

In 2002, he discussed this difficult subject, as lead speaker, at two fully-attended seminars for regional Food & Beverage professionals during the Food & Hotel Asia (Singapore) exhibition.

In 2004, he had the honour to join the panel of Jurors at the Concorso Enologico Internazionale (International Wine Competition) at VinItaly 2004.

Remie Law has just accepted an invitation to join the panel of Jurors, again for the 14th Concorso Enologico Internazionale (International Wine Competition) for VinItaly 2006.

Remie Law conducts formal 2-day Wine Courses and Wine Appreciation sessions for Corporations & ad-hoc groups, throughout the year. He brings a certain down-to-earth but passionate approach to wine during these sessions & in his writings.

Remie Law is expanding into the region's upcoming wine markets like India. In Hyderabad, he has offered advice to the Hyderabad Wine Club on the conduct of your nascent Wine Dinner events. He has also shadow-written, in collaboration with the Club's President, several wine-related articles that were published in The Times of India's Hyderabad edition.

In addition to India, he is currently looking into opportunities in other regional emerging wine markets, including Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Indochina.

Our Wine Selections are available


We do not only sell wines, we are experienced in providing these value-added services as well:-

  • BASIC WINE COURSE - A two-session course for those interested to learn the basics of wine. The course include sampling of six wines. Cost: $60 per person. Minimum group of 12 persons required. Ask for more details with our HVPL FORM.

  • Group Wine Presentations - WINE ADVENTURES - Learn about Wines. With a group of 12 persons or more, invite us over to present our Wine Selections. Great way to learn about wines for individuals, clubs, societies, companies etc. We are able to arrange for a Function Room, as well.

  • Conducted by Remie Law, a experienced speaker of over 8 years. Recently, member of the Jury at Concorso Enologico Internazionale (International Wine Challenge) at VinItaly 2004 and forthcoming Challenge in April, 2006.


  • Our regular link with Customers - WineTasters  organizes regular Wine Affairs with different & interesting themes. Sign up as a no-obligation member via e-mail. Membership is FREE.

  • Visit our ONLINE SHOPPING for special wine, wine accessories, gifts & books on wine.



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